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Your movies are great and we think that the whole world should see them. That’s why, on the one hand, we created PANTAFLIX PRO for license holders like you, so making your movies and TV shows available around the globe becomes as easy as possible, and PANTAFLIX, on the other hand, as a state of the art Video-on-Demand streaming platform for a worldwide audience of filmlovers. By offering this holistic solution we bring together what belongs together: Your movies and your audience.

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Select the countries you want your work to be available in, put in the metadata and choose your visuals - with just a few clicks you are all set up. Using our embed player you can then share your movie on your own page or wherever you want or you make it available to PANTAFLIX users on our platform. No matter what you choose, you can rest assured that you get paid for every rental, every time.

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A fair deal

No costs

  • Upload your work for free
  • No transcoding costs
  • No sign up fee, no hidden costs


  • Full DRM protection for movies and TV Shows
  • Protection against duplication
  • Studio certified security standards

Worldwide distribution

  • Select your territories
  • Get exposure around the planet
  • Upload as many films as you want


  • Flexibly choose your price level
  • Keep control over your rights
  • Adjust the availabilities

One Platform

  • Multilingual VOD service
  • Available in 67 countries
  • Support on all common browsers and devices
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Our video player is the perfect foundation for selling your movie digitally. It’s the backbone of our VOD-platform PANTAFLIX and allows you to share your movie in the simplest way. By integrating your movie into your own website or the ones of your partners, you become your own distributor and make it even easier for your audience to find you. With its strong performance and high usability, our video player is the effortless way to making your movie streamable and increasing sales. Interested? Find out how it works here. Or if you already have a PANTAFLIX PRO account, just log in to our asset management tool. In your content list, you will find the “create player”-button, which will provide you with the HTML-code for your movies.

The right tools for your performance

Marketing channels to push your movies

It’s clearer than ever: We live in an attention-based economy. With all kinds of distractions competing for your audiences attention it can be quite a challenge to draw them to your movie. Luckily for you we have years of experience under our belt in doing just that. By using our marketing channels in an efficient and purposeful manner, we can make sure that your target audience finds its way to your movie.

Talk to your audience throughout our channels

  • Email & Push Marketing
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Teaser Boosting on all Devices

If you have any questions about how we can support you in selling your movie, feel free to ask us.

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Pantaflix Technologies GmbH provides solutions all around distributing, streaming and selling movies. With Pantaflix, consumers can enjoy fantastic entertainment from a vast portfolio of national and international films, series and TV-shows. show more Our catalogue boasts thousands of titles from studio movies to short films and independent movies, so we can assure you that your work is in good company. Curated collections and an intuitive search make it easy for the user to navigate his way through the platform and find your titles. Let PANTAFLIX be the home to your movies, so they can make a global audience feel right at home.

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